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book. kayla. >> yes. and character is probably a good way to describe that. although kayla was an interview the in the sense that i was interviewing this person by e-mail and an internet relay chat, this person was presenting themselves as a 16 year-old girl it was completely going with that story in having a very elaborate back story attached to that persona. when i asked them about their lives and their back story detected but growing up in the countryside with a single parent father, having no friends in the real world, finding friends online, teaching yourself to hack, having guys to work kind of slightly perverted in terms of the way that there were dealing with on line. all of these different details about her life and, you know, never denying the fact that that was the true person that she was kind of sticking with that story. and, you know, although it seems very implausible i went along with the interviews and just teased out as much information as i could about the real person behind that persona. if anything, it was a great illustration of the ability for manipul
from the american gold medal in judo kayla harrison. we spoke with her just before she left for london. she was here in the studio with us and i said to her, come on back when you win gold. she's going to make good on that and we're going to talk about what it took for her to get that gold medal. now for the weather across the pond. here in the states with the drought. the tropics are also making headlines. let's go right to the weather channel's erich fischer for the wrap-up. >> good morning, alex. hello, everybody. talking about some weather that will be unsettled across the uk for today. that's already affecting things. the marathon, rather wet this morning. also talking about wimbledon with the roof closed because of those rain showers moving through. even some thunderstorms crossing the island nation right now. closer look at london, you can see some of the heavier rain moving just east of the city. going to be not ideal for a lot of the events. tomorrow another showery day. after that for the home stretch through the final week of the competition, weather looks much better. we've
of this construction. thank you. >> hello, commissioners, my name is kayla boat. i'm 22 years old. i work for youth line part of shock. we're an s.s. project providing a range of services with con -- conservative use of services. i helped this nonprofit that has free access to dental care. that provides orthodontics as well as general dentist tri, things that would require -- dentistry, thing that would require surgery. it's all low income use in between the ages of 11 and 18. these are all youths who like myself would not have access to dental care. these are youths that would not be able to afford braces, getting a root canal. and these are -- you know, things that are very important that need to be addressed. so far we're in the process of treating now. unfortunately, only one are able to get here because transportation is an issue for them. having them go to a bunch of different places would just be a farther barrier and our goal is to give access to more use. we're trying to double the amount of youth we serve. and you know, it's all free services that we're providing. it's very important for
performance by the fab five, you know their names mckayla, kyla, ringo, blitzen and sometimes why. a brilliant performance. why i am just talking about. this let's take a look at the cease and desist letters i've gotten from the olympics telling me i can't use their footage. i'll tell you what. i'll recreate mckayla maroney's fantastic winning vault using this doll and she'll vault over let's see this twinkie on two sticks. there you go. there she goes. here we are. all right. hop -- [cheers and applause] and she nails it. it was something like that except of course the actual gymnasts are smaller than this doll. of course, the athletes are just kids, folks. a perspective not lost on cnn. >> the performance was so good, so solid and they won by such a big margin that it was theres and left the russian and chinese on the sidelines in tears. well con, team u.s.a. >> stephen: yes, well done team u.s.a. this, is what the olympic games are all about, making little foreign girls cry. [ laughter ] speaking of which -- speak of which the 16-year-old chinese swimmer and suspiciously not american ye she
that is my colleague kayla tausche and let's set it up for us. neither of these two individuals are married and in addition to that, the person who brought this to the board's attention was the woman's ex-boyfriend who has a criminal record. kayla, what do you make of this? >> i think the board did the right thing, sue. they're faced with a tough decision. the fact that the boyfriend was willing to take it outside meant that the potential press damage ahead of an ipo could have been huge. that being said, i don't think there's cause to worry for potential shareholders because of the smell test. we remember the former ceo of hp, two big factors against him. the challenge was that there were allegations of sexual harassment and the relationship was consensual and it was an affair. he was married. if it's consensual and single, let two people have their fun. >> stacy, do you agree? i mean, there's no indication she was a direct report to him and in addition to that, we're all working so much more than we ever before and neither one of them was married at the time. >> i would agree, sue. i mean
's first political mettle in juo went to kayla harrison i want to go to a clip of her. >> the feeling of accomplishment after you do something like that with your body, after you lift whenever amount of weight over your head and then squatted 50 times or what ever, it is awesome. what really keeps me going back is that the sense of accomplishment, but also i know without a doubt when i step on a map, there is not one of the anybody in better shape than me. there is not going to be anybody that has worked harder than me. it is a good confidence booster. >> kayla harrison is not only an olympic champion, but a survivor of a sexual abuse. he was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty in 2007 to one count engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign land. he is banned for life by usa judo. the significance of kayla harrison coming out at the olympics? >> that was dramatic. sexual harassment, sexual abuse directed at young female athletes by coaches and young male athletes by coaches is rampant. it is a secret that is definitely kept under wraps across the world. for her
gold and history as kayla harrison won the first ever american gold medal in judo. brought to tears as she received a medal and heard her national anthem. >> i pictured it every night for the last four years. it feels real. >> reporter: at the same hall, russian president vladimir put en, who's written a book on judy, cheered their competitor and his gold medal performance. at the equestrian arena ann romney was cheering her horse, rafalca, in early rounds of dressage. american archer came up short in her quest for the medal but provided one of the most memorable images. the arrow that hit the camera in the center of the bull's-eye. a disappointing day but an olympic moment. i understand you have more on kayla harrison coming up later in the show. meanwhile coming up tonight on nbc's primetime coverage, two major events. women's gymnastics, the all-around final. gabby douglas and aly raisman going for the gold and two big races in swimming, ryan lochte in both of them. the second of those two races he will go head-to-head with michael phelps. >> mark, we want to talk about this near
prices at local stations. maybe blame isaac. cnbc's kayla tausche is live with that. kayla, good morning. >> hi, good morning, guys. tropical storm isaac causing more pain for drivers at the gas pump. national average of a gallon of gas rose nearly 50 cents wednesday to $3.80. that's the biggest one-day jump in a year and a half. the storm has shut off nearly a million barrels per day of capacity from gulf coast refiners, but the biggest spike in prices came in midwestern states like illinois and indiana. that's because shell had to close a pipeline that delivers crude oil from louisiana to refineries up north. gas is averaging 4 bucks in d.c., $3.78 in maryland and $3.67 in virginia. back to you. >> all right, kayla tausche. kayla, thank you. >> isaac seems to be keeping itself together, somehow, even though it has already made landfall. it's still a pretty significant storm. >> but it has weakened dramatically overnight. in fact, the winds are about half of what they were yesterday morning at this time. they're down to around 40 miles an hour for the peak gusts. yes, yesterday morning
breaking news can kayla tausche. >> thank you. we have four new boards of bank of america. four existing directors stepping down next spring. sharon allen, the former chairman of deloit. the former chairman and chief executive of hospital company hca. linda hudson of bae systems and david yosk, former ceo. on this appointment, the current chairman saying bank of america shareholders will benefit of the global perspectives and diverse insights of these leaders. the ceo moynihan saying the management team will benefit from these addition of directors and their unique skills and leadership qualities. we have four new directors coming on to the board of bank of america. simon? >> thank you very much. >>> quite a lot to get through. let's return to where we started the show with the news of facebook on the west coast. kenny pulcari is with me. you're not a fan of facebook but equally not as critical of peter thiel selling snout. >> he made his investment. he watches it to fruition and decided to move on. i don't care that he's on the board of director. clearly made an investment and as far as
teesam usa's mckayla maroney. >>> a police officer caught on tape hitting a man as he's taken away in handcuffs. >>> but first, deadly violence in a house of worship. a gunman opens fire inside a sikh temple. worshippers calling outside to loved ones. >> the situation, it was terrible. really terrible. the people who are attacking us, they're scared. they cannot speak loud. >> tonight, police in oak creek, wisconsin, say the fbi is investigating the shooting as a case of domestic terrorism. authorities aren't releasing the gunman's name. he was shot and killed by police. officials tell nbc news he was in his early 40s and served in the army. they say he had radical views, but did not appear to belong to any organization, or -- >> police searched a home where they think the suspect lived. >> andy rosegen has the story. >> what did we do wrong. is this a madman. a guy who just flipped? did he hate us for our appearance? >> reporter: the shooting happened at the sikh temple between services. the gunman walked up to a member and shot him. people were hiding wherever they could and call
. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> power rundown time. here now kayla and brian. we have controversy at the olympics. eight female badminton players get the boot for deliberately trying to lose games. weigh in. >> i remember when badminton was a sport of honor and discipline and intrigue. >> yeah. >> i'm calling it birdie-gate. it's a disgrace to the sport. i myself may never play again. >> what were they doing? trying to manipulate the draw or brackets? >> right. trying to lose on purpose so they wouldn't have to meet the second tier of players until the final round. >> until the final round. what do you think? >> it's -- >> it reminds me of when in the super bowl the giants' runner tried to sit down and not score at the end of the game. >> sandbagging is for golf scores and eps. okay? >> when you think about this swimming and the issue with this swimmer who beat michael phelps and ryan lochte's time, i don't think that's relevant. probably should have checked the passport after the issue in beijing with the ages. >> all right. let's move on. and talk about the post office on the br
first on saturday. >>> let's get a market flash now with kayla. >> on the back of that tragic refinery blast in venezuela, some of the shares of u.s. refiners are getting a boost today. the expectation is that the demand for that formerly venezuelan oil would have to come elsewhere and that refiners like valero, marathon and phillips 66 to take some of the share at least in the near term. sue, back to you. >> thank you very much. >>> more now on the market impact and the oil sector in particular. anthony grasonti joins me at the nymex. when i talked to you last week we were talking about the storm and the trajectory and you thought there was another trade either in the gasoline arena, oil arena. what are you doing right now? >> right now i'm flat crude oil. it is not about the grcrude oil and it's around and you can't turn in it to anything else and it's a refinery issue and i would be long a little bit cautiously long gasoline because i think there's more on the upside of this. if you remember hurricane gustav in the same area in 2008, it actually knocked the refineries down for month
and then the tech debacle. the stock was down. kayla tausche is working hard on the story for what's next but first mary thompson at knight hq in jersey city for us. mary? >> reporter: hey there, sue. earlier this morning we were trying to talk to the employees. most said they could pn't talk the press. she said cnbc get a life and want you to know that snooiknig a great firm and said that the company would find a solution to its problems. now, of course, fueling hopes that a solution would be found is a report earlier today by "the wall street journal" the company secured a line of credit to tide it over through today. the line needed is a software glitch on wednesday caused millions of bad trades and a $440 million loss for knight. not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars lost by shareholders. now, news of the credit line, though, failed to appease a number of big clients like fidelity, e-trade and vanguard sending the retail orders or typically send the orders through knight. fidelity declining comment to cnbc reportedly routing trades around knight. e-trade and vanguard telling cnbc t
. joining me now is kelly evans and kayla tasche. great to see you. let's start with ann romney and the address last night. do you think her speech resonated with the women of the nation? do you think that she opened up enough? she seemed to do very well according to the crowd. kayla? >> sorry. i think she did well and not necessarily opened herself up to a whole new group of fans, female fans. i don't know there's headlines from the speech carried over today or for the rest of the week. >> does she overshadow her husband? >> gop finally falls for romney, ann romney. mitt romney is running. >> exactly. >> show don't tell. she told a lot of stories but if mitt can't show for himself, she can't win it for him. >> not just her, chris christie. you know, mr. ryan tonight. this may be a tough -- >> stakes are high. >> very high. yahoo! finance and "parade" magazine with a job happiness survey. we are all very happy at our jobs. would you rather have a 5% pay raise for more vacation time? 56% of americans picked the 5% raise. perhaps given this economy, not surprising, kelly. >> shoul
kayla hairy son won the first ever gold medal in judo. >>> while michael phelps made a splash in london, he is taking a bath in real estate. according to the best olympian ever lost more than $400,000 on his fells point condo. he bought it for less than $1.7 million but sold it last week for one and a quarter million dollars. >>> all right. what do sleep and slots have to do with your health? >> are you offered sick leave? if your job doesn't, you may want to record this report and take it to the office in the morning. >>> a new study suggest your slope schedule may affect vaccines. those who slope six or less were likely to build antibody from the help a tight us. participants who got more than seven hours had a better immune response. >>> mental health can be just as important as physical health. it turns out even minor mental health can raise the risk of death. among health adults the more signs of stress the higher their men tal ti rates. even those with minor had higher death risk. the findings reinforce the findings of eliminating stress. >>> employers who don't offer paid
neck, kind of a final statement from each of you about that. mckayla? >> it's surreal. just sitting here with you is absolutely amazing, and i'm just -- there is no words to describe how awesome this is and how you just look back at how hard you've worked, and with this medal around our neck and watching our flag go up and hearing the national anthem, it's the best feeling. >> aly? >> it definitely hasn't sunk in yet. it's really cool to say that we're olympic champions, but it's still so surreal, i mean, it's really cool to be able to go back to the room and watch the other athletes compete at the olympics and know other people were watching us feels amazing and i'm so excited. >> kyla? >> i'm definitely proud of all these girls. we have definitely worked hard the last couple of months and years and all the sacrifice, hard work, dedication that we've gone through has definitely been put into this moment and it makes it special to be here and have the gold medals around our neck and be a part of team usa. >> it's incredible, thinking of all the hard years of work we've put into this
. >> ping. >> pong. >> ping. >> pong. >> ping. >> pong. >> i will re-create mckayla maroney's fantastic winning vault, just using this doll. and she'll vault over -- let's see. this twinkie on two sticks. [ cheers and applause ] >> and she nails it. woo. >> it is hard to get the olympic footage. >>> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday. . >> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. >>> breaking news ended in a shower of sparks in the east bay this morning. police began chasing this car before 2 a.m., across the bay and back. amy hollyfield is live in concord where this came to an end. >> reporter: this is an incredible one that you have to see and hear to believe. first look at where it came to appear end up there on highway 4 at willow pass road where the man stopped and got out of his car. then he ran and they had to chase him down this hill. it was officers and a police dog running down this hill trying too catch him. they caught up with him in these trees. this was after he led officers on
. at excel arena, more u.s. olympic gold and history today as kayla harrison won the first ever american gold medal in judo. brought to tears as she received the medal and heard her national anthem. >> i pictured it every night for the last four years. and it feels real. >> reporter: at the same hall, russian president vladimir putin, who has written a book on judo, cheered his nation's competitor and his gold medal performance. while at the equestrian arena, app romney was cheering her horse, rafalca, in early rounds of dressage. at the lord's cricket ground, the american archer came up short in her quest for a middle, but the woman who taught "hunger games" star jennifer lawrence to shoot provided one of the most memorable images. an arrow that hit the camera in the center of the bull's-eye. a disappointing day but an olympic moment. michael phelps and ryan lochte face off tonight in the men's 200 meter individual medley. you will also see gymnastics, the women's all-around, and you will see indoor volleyball. the united states versus brazil. the number one ranked team in the world. a big n
off the track injured just being there was victory. for kayla harrison victory would come not just in winning team usa's first gold in judo ever but she overcame sexual abuse by a former coach and made an emotional victory lap. >> i think this is the happiest i'll ever feel in my life. i'm walking on clouds right now. >> reporter: for all the little girls who want that winning feeling they see in kim rhode medaling at olympics number 5 or in the american rowers winning gold the second straight olympics there is much inspiration in this year of the woman. for olympic dreams that will some day be fulfilled. there is also a reality check. first-time countries had to be pushed by olympic officials and minimum standards for their competitors were ignored but arguably none of the women competing today dreamed of being an olympian the way we did watching as kids. now their little sisters or cousins just might which is at least the first step. >> that's right. as the parent of a daughter especially that point about the next generation back home watching all of this as they come up so cruci
. rebecca soni set a world record and winning the gold in the 200-meter breaststroke. kayla harrison became the first american ever to win an olympic gold medal in judo. she was overcome with emotion on the podium. carmelo anthony led the u.s. with a best 37 points including a dozen three-pointers. showing off as the americans scored an olympic record 156 to nigeria's 73. >>> team usa leads china in the medal count. 37 to 34. each team with 18 gold medals. japan remains in third place with 19 medals, two gold. >>> to baseball, oakland at texas. bottom of the fourth, the rangers, cruz hit a solo home run to tie the game at 7. each team scored again but in the seventh inning, mitch moreland's pinch hit rbi single put the rangers up for good. still in the seventh, josh hamilton's ground rule double scored two. texas won it, 15-9. in cincinnati, ty frazier's second inning homer got the reds going in a lead against san diego. the infield sparkled in the sixth. zack kozar made a diving stop. his bare handed catch turned into a double play. cincinnati won 9-4. >>> finally, you never know what you
. i want to bring kayla up for a very quick moment. >> i wanted to sing a song. ♪ >> ♪ you are an angel an angel with wings -- with no wings but your feet never touched the ground you have got dreams you make me believe you make me believe you make me believe in angels you taught me to envision so much more or else be imprisoned in a world too small utah to me to be mightier than the greatest -- you taught me to be mightier than the greatest and no matter how heavy a load i always take the high road end because of you -- and because of you you make me believe you make me believe you make me believe you make me believe in angels and i am just one more fed their -- one small feather in your dream ♪ [applause] for us, and it makes me emotional, because that song was absolutely perfect for the reason that jules is going to , and so is rose. ladies, get on up here. as i mentioned to you earlier, our fiscal sponsor his women's in a cultural network. it was started by an angel, and we are all the others in her wings. one of the most incredible women. she has worked for years wit
. >> pong. >> i will re-create mckayla maroney's fantastic winning vault, just using this doll. and she'll vault over -- let's see. this twinkie on two sticks. [ cheers and applause ]
gymnast becauses an internet sensation. mckayla maroney is not impressed. she was
whole life for this. >> gymnast mckayla maroney is just one of the u.s. athletes going for gold at the summer olympics. as swimmer ryan lochte says, it's all about national pride. >> you're not just swimming for yourself, you're swimming for your whole entire country. >> besides hoping to set new records, team u.s.a. is helping to set new fashion trends. at the opening ceremonies, around the olympic village, and at the upcoming closing ceremonies, team u.s.a. is sporting outfits by ralph lauren. the vintage looks are a tribute to the 1940s. that was when the games were last held in london. then, as now, team u.s.a. represents america's best. >> i trained hard, i put hard hours in the gym. >> you can look like a winner, too. the entire collection -- including accessories -- is available at and for "teen kids news," i'm emily. >> in latin, "ante" means "before," "bellum" means "war." put them together, and you get a word that describes a unique time in american history -- the years before the civil war. as lauren reports, not everything from those day
. >> fabulous five team is a strong and powerful team, united team. >> reporter: kyla ross, the youngest. mckayla maroney, perhaps the world's best vaulter. gabby douglas, nicknamed the flying squirrel. aly raisman at 18, the team captain. and a dramatic comeback for jordyn wieber, the world champion who was in tears sunday night when she missed qualifying for her all around event. she proved what she was made of tonight. >> i think this is good redemption for me. and just the fact that we all came together and put all our hard work in and came out with a gold medal is amazing. and i'm really proud of everybody. >> reporter: as for china, the defending olympic champions, the team missed the podium all together, finishing fourth. they're calling the fab five the greatest u.s. women's gymnastics team ever. well, when it comes to michael phelps, you really can't argue with that at all. already the u.k. papers have him on the front page saying the greatest olympian, period. >> wow! a lot of emotion out of these games here today. kevin tibbles wrapping it all up. >>> we have an update on a story we to
,200 and transportation over $1,400 for a total of nearly $26,000. kayla mentioned she wants to try to do it in about four years but the average is closer to five. classes started on monday. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc11 news. >> i'm not sure what is scarier? taking a look at all of those costs or remembering how long it's been since i was in college. >> it wasn't been that long! come on now! it's funny. t it's nice for the parents who are bringing their kids to the first day and trying to get them moved in in san francisco. we started san jose state just yesterday. in san francisco right now, we have a little drizzle coming down and flight delays up until 11 minutes ago from sfo from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. the sun clearing and sun is making an appearance which is a good time because the america's cup races are on today. take a look at your temperatures this morning. . the 70s in the east bay. 74 livermore and concord and 63 san francisco and in san jose, comfortable. 67 degrees. another summer stunner. inland not too hot. by tomorrow see another round of thick fog. kind of a rep
the peculiar of mckayla maroney disappointed in herself after falling. it inspired she is not impressed name and has her showing up everywhere from the white house situation to the introduction of paul ryan. she and her fierce five made an appearance about the most famous expression. >> they're caught her at an intro expectative moment. she is probably not pleased with her performance and would rather have done better and instead of silver would rather have gotten the gold and who can blame her? they caught her in a contemplative moment. now they are making it silly am i right? >> it is pretty funny. >> and is this an expression that comes to you frequently in life? >> after i did it, the can girls keep pointing out like you are doing the face again. >> every time she does it, we are like there it is. >> we're have all been working on it. >> we all do it. i taught them. . >> we will have or own olympic gold in the studio and hope solo from the u.s. women's soccer team joining us on "morning joe." reaction pouring into the comment by vice president joe biden to put y'all back in chaps. a lot
was awarded a smile for lifetime scholarship. i can attest to what kayla had said previously which is that the beneficial nature of the scholarship is something that he wouldn't have received without any kind of scholarship given to him. the ort donic care is pretty crucial. and also given his logistical situation, i think it's difficult for him to find any kind of general dentistry care near an ort donic care. so having a one stop shop so to speak will be extremely beneficial for him as he relies on metro and the generosity of his foster mom to get him where he needs to go. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, president and commissioners. my name is edward romonov and i am a project manager for dr. kalicka's new dental project. my job is to get the building developed that will adequately meet the needs of all the dental care professional offices. we need to bring together in one location. 4333 gerry boulevard is known for this kind of project. but it's now a vacant eyesore. i'm deeply concerned about the financial viability of this new building project. if we lose more offi
olympics. -- first olympics women were represented in every sport. >> kayla harrison is the first american woman or man to win gold in jude dough. this is the first time in history female athletes out numbered males. >>> gabby douglas among those elite women, winning gold. the 16-year-old olympian holding her gold medal with a flag backdrop. it took the brothers four days to finish the mural on the outside wall of a sports bar. they said the idea came to them after seeing gabby on it v after a medals ceremony. i can't here's a look at the final medal round up. usa has the most overall medals with 104. we also had the most gold medals with 46. china came in with 87. >>> twilight star robert pat tin son is coming out of hiding and gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> edward lawrence has more. >> actor robert pattinson is booked for the daily show and later walked the red carpet. kristen stewart won't be there, she has been banned from attending. >>> hard rock bands motley crew and kiss are donating to the victims of the colorado shooting. they said in a written statement they hope t
reaching that deal with regulators over allegations that it hid billions in illegal funds with iran. kayla tausche has the latest. >> standardchartered setting with the new york department of financial services. it's the largest fine by a single regulator by breeched sanctions. they reached an agreement that the transactions in breech of u.s. clearing law totalled $250 billion. that's a fig that the bank had previously contested. there are also regulatory implications here. a state monitor will be implanted there for two years and on a permanent basis they must bulk up risk management where it clears up $200 billion daily. it has been a multiyear investigation, one brought to the feds by the bank itself in january of 2010 according to a person familiar with the matter, and a coordinated settlement had been the ideal joust come. last week's charges beat any deal reached among federal regulators like the treasury, and the department of justice. any deal there is still outstanding and according to my sources not imminent. they helped spear ahead in similar charges in recent years. it's idea f
and history today as kayla harrison won the first ever american gold medal in judo. brought to tears as she received the medal and heard her national anthem. >> i pictured it every night for the last four years and feels real. >> at the same hall, russian president vladimir putin who has written a book on judo cheered his nation and his gold medal performance. at the arena, ann romney was cheering her house in early rounds. at the lords cricket ground, loric came up short in her quest for the medal, but the woman who taught "hunger games" star jennifer lawrence to shoot, provided one of the most memorable images, an arrow that hit the camera in the center of the bull's eye. a disappointing day, but an olympic moment. >> reporter: and coming up tonight on nbc's prime time coverage, women's gymnastics, the individual all around competition, gabby douglas and . live in london for news 4, back to you. >> thank you, mark. >>> swimmer from bethesda has blazed past all expectations today. and now she's poised to take home a medal. we'll hear from katie ladecky in our next half hour. >>> a close ca
of sense anyway right now. >> i think they are. >> thanks. >>> breaks news on facebook. let's get to kayla tausche. >> excel partners is unloding 50 million facebook shares to it's own investors. these are shares previously locked up but will change hands to aloun excels own limited partners and their decision to sell or hold the stock. they held more than 144 million shares. it amassed as one of the earliest investors in the company. of course only a fraction of those 144 million shares are unlocked as of this week's expiration, but i'm told that the 50 million share transfer is the bulk of that amount that is unlocked this week. while not all investors getting shares will be sellers, this block is worth roughly a billion dollars at the stock price and could be today's volume. if 50 million of those got sold, that's roughly a third of what we have out there maria. >> kayla tausche, thank you so much. we'll keep following that. we have 45 minutes until the closing bell sounds for the day. >> you think we're finished? we're just getting started. >>> coming up, gross overstatement? the head
debate, and let's start with kayla tausche with the details. >> knight said they received a line of credit, but not who it's from and what it's for. jpmorgan which is said to have pulled knight's credit is not behind this current deal. any credit line is good news for the firm since they need financing and it need it's in two parts. it needed a line of credit for regulatory capital. tdameritrade will do orders through them again. the money is due monday when the trade settles for $440 million. so can knight get the cash? it's likely easier to get a buyout. right now bidders for knight for parts and the whole of the company are circling as it approaches this key deadline. while strategic parties have expressed interest, a deal with private equity could be more feasible. but either way, auctionstivi activity is bullish. big blocks of knight shows that the firm will survive. we'll answer that question shortly but for now it seems like people are still betting on knight. >> thank you kayla, the mood of course has been pretty somber the last couple days, but what is the mood at knight
'm on the podium with the bronze and i'm luck kichlt but i agree the studies are a dime a dozen, but i love the mckayla photo, and go google that and there is a website out there that is mckayla is not impressed and it is one of the blogs, and it is hilarious. okay. good to see you, alex. you look happy, andare at the o you? check you out later, mate. thank you. >>> germany is the third largest arms exporter in the world, and you may not have known that, but times are tough everywhere and european countries are not buying all of the weapons they used to, so the germans are trying to sell all of those tanks and submarines to the middle east market. the risks of those deals we will chat about ahead. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to theest, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at >>
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